WNE UW Students awarded by Citi with AML certificates

29 June 2018

Citigroup-logo.jpgJune 29th a ceremony of awarding WNE students with ICA (International Compliance Association) certificate in AML (Anti-Money Laundering) has been held at the WNE UW. The certificate is a confirmation of completion of an elective course "Introduction to Money Laundering Prevention" conducted each year since 2015 at WNE UW in partnership with Citi Service Center Poland. During the workshop the managers of the Money Laundering Division share their knowledge and skills about  money laundering prevention practices as well as division’s responsibilities. The program consists of theoretical knowledge,  case studies and also tasks performed by students. Each class is run by PhD Stanisław Cichocki and managers from Citi. During the celebration Ms. Iwona Dudzińska, Head of AML Unit in the EMEA Region and CSC Poland Site Head, personally congratulated the students and held a speech. 

During the course of study students extend their knowledge by:

  • Money laundering, terrorism and sanctions.
  • Counteracting money laundering and fighting financing of terrorism in practice.
  • Anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism laws and regulations

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