When Research Meets Policy: What does online text data reveal about Future of the Internet

24 April 2018


The DELab team will present the results of the Horizon 2020 research project Engineroom, commissioned by the European Commission. The aim of the project is to inform EC about emerging technologies that have the greatest social impact and propose areas for further research.

During the meeting the Next Generation Internet initiative will be introduced, and it will be shown how the Engineroom project underpins
the efforts of policy-makers at the EU level.

Engineroom’s three key pillars are:
1. Developing a cutting-edge data-driven methodology for identifying early signals of new trends & technologies.
2. Mapping the ecosystems & networks surrounding these key topics, evaluating their social, legal, technological, ethical & economic contexts.
3. Creating a value-driven vision for what the future internet could and should look like, involving a wide variety of voices across Europe.

The meeting is especially dedicated for MA students and Phd Candidates to show the work in DELab and present how data science can be applied
in their research.

Link to the project's website: https://ngi.delabapps.eu/

When: 4.06.2018
Where: Aula C, Długa 44/50

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