Small grants for WNE UW students

1 October 2018

2017_plakat1.jpgThe Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences University of Warsaw is pleased to announce that a special, small grant program has been established for WNE students. The main  purpose of the program is to support academic research conducted by students and to encourage them to intensify this type of activity. The project needs to address the objectives of the program and should refer to one of five focus activities eligible for funding:

  •           active participation in scientific conference (presenting an academic paper), active participation in a workshop
  •           proof-reading of an academic paper designed for an international journal
  •           participation in competitions dedicated to students of economic sciences or other related field
  •           participation in a summer school related to the field of economics (including costs of the trip)
  •           other research activities.

Any current student of the Faculty of Economic Sciences UW is eligible to apply. A complete application should be submitted to Ms. Edyta Gajcy (Students Office, room K4, &Zwy~eWpK+C-[R`jSGu{]#[iBYdb_nh6lL}S[FOIPfh). The applications will be evaluated by the Dean's  Board. Submission of the applications is ongoing in 2018 until the moment the expected budget is deployed. The total budget is PLN 15 000.

Reporting on expenditures and settling of accounts:

  •           a properly issued invoice should be delivered within 14 days from the date of the expenditure
  •           in case of travel costs rules for UW employees apply

Reporting on meeting the objectives of funded proposal:

- in case of  participation  in a conference, competition, summer school, workshop, etc., the beneficiary of the grant should submit within 14 days from the end of the journey:

  1. a confirmation of participation in the event
  2. a short report about the event along with a draft of the speech, e.g. slideshow

- in case of proof-reading the beneficiary of the grant should present within 21 days from the date of the service:

  1. proof-read paper
  2. confirmation that the paper has been submitted to the editor of an international journal

- in case of other research activities the beneficiary of the grant should present within 14 days from the time of the end of the event/spending funds a confirmation of achieving the goal stated in the proposal.

Please use the following form in the application process.

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