Second round of admissions for the scholarship "School of Eagles"

8 June 2021

In September 2021, supplementary recruitment for the "School of Eagles" scholarship will be announced. We already encourage all interested students to prepare the application.

1. For whom?

We invite students admitted to the Faculty of Economic Sciences in 2019 and 2020 for bachelor studies (full-time or part-time, conducted in Polish or English). Scholarship "School of Eagles" is dedicated for students after completing the 1st or 2nd year of undergraduate studies conducted by the Faculty of Economic Sciences, whose average grade for the last semester is not lower than 4.0, provided that all required subjects (from the 1st and 2nd year) have been completed. It is planned to award 40 scholarships.

2. What is the program?

The student conducts research under the supervision of academic tutor. The result of this cooperation will be a scientific publication submitted to the journal. The text that is reviewed in a scientific journal is sufficient for settlement, no publication is necessary. It is often necessary to complete additional subjects to acquire the necessary research skills.

3. What are the financial and time conditions?

A student qualified for the program signs an agreement and receives a monthly scholarship in the amount of PLN 1,370 gross. The scientific publication must be published by 31/07/2022. The scholarship awarded in the supplementary recruitment lasts 9 months (from the beginning of November 2021 to the end of July 2022).

4. Who can be a tutor and what does the cooperation look like?

WNE has prepared a folder presenting profiles of potential tutors - these are people who will be willing to cooperate with students under this program. Each of the tutors represents a high academic level. The folder will be updated in September 2021.

The best strategy is to choose a topic you really like. The cooperation is based on systematic consultations and developing research skills. The topic, research goal and detailed action plan are specified with the tutor, and the progress of the work is consulted on a weekly basis. It resembles a graduation seminar - although it is on a slightly higher level.

In case of third-year students qualified for the program, the tutor may also be the bachelor's thesis supervisor, provided he/she agrees. Then, the article that will be written as part of the scholarship may also be a diploma thesis (following the Rules of diploma thesis at the Faculty of Economic Sciences).

5. What does the application for the program look like?

In autumn 2021, exact recruitment dates will be announced. We plan to announce a competition in September with an application deadline in early October. As documents you will have to submit:

- confirmation from the Students Office of the grade average from the last semester (4.0 and more) and the final promotion of the academic year 2020/21

- research framework plan (describing the subject and the scientific goal, max. 1 A4 page) with the specification of the tutor who can conduct such topic. The plan should be consulted with the tutor (you can attach e-mail approval from a potential tutor). You can submit up to three research plans - linked to three different tutors.

- CV

- cover letter describing interests and plans for the future.

The program committee will evaluate the documentation and interview candidates for the scholarship. On this basis, a ranking list will be created, within which the commission will qualify students for care with a specific tutor. Tutors can look after approx. 2-3 students.

6. Is it worth applying?

This prestigious scholarship, funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, aims to support the best students in their scientific development. The prepared scientific publication, of course, distinguishes itself on the labour market, but above all it becomes an important advantage in applying for the Rector's research scholarship, for the Minister's research scholarship, for the Diamond Grant, and also in the application for doctoral studies.

7. Where can I receive more information?

In September, information meetings will be organized with previous program scholarship holders and potential tutors.

In scientific matters related to the research topic - by e-mail, at individual tutors.

In administrative matters and the terms of the competition - with prof. Katarzyna Kopczewska, the program manager.

8. What can you do today?

First of all, you should take care of high average grade and pass all the subjects, which is a pass to the competition.

Secondly, it is worth getting acquainted with the topics that tutors and promoters of bachelor thesis deal with. Targeting the interests and getting to know the employees of the Faculty of Economic Sciences will help in writing more interesting scholarship project. If the tutor is a bachelor's degree promoter, it is even more worth talking to the potential tutor about the possibilities of cooperation now.

Thirdly, the research conducted will most likely include a quantitative analysis. Therefore, it is worth learning modern software - in the more advanced version R or Python, or in the simpler version STATA.

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