Krzysztof Drachal, MSc beneficiary of the NCN ETIUDA6 grant for doctoral scholarship and internship in the foreign research centre

23 July 2018

Krzysztof Drachal is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Economic Sciences UW, where he is preparing a doctoral dissertation on the Bayesian forecast combination schemes with an application to energy commodities. His research interests cover Bayesian econometrics, model averaging, energy economics, etc. He has presented the research outcomes at the numerous scientific conferences in Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, etc. He is an author of numerous scientific publications, including those in journals like "Energy Economics", "Energies", "Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting", "Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal". Krzysztof Drachal is a member of Economic Science Association and International Association for Energy Economics.

Out of the 355 young researchers who vied for funding in NCN EIUDA6 call, 147 were selected. In the field of arts, humanities and social sciences 44 scholarships in the amount of PLN 4.3 million were granted.

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