[CANCELLED LECTURE] „Internal secession rights for legitimizing liberal democracy” lecture by prof. Marian Eabrasu

6 March 2020

We kindly inform that the lecture „Internal secession rights for legitimizing liberal democracy” by prof. Marian Eabrasu is cancelled



Faculty of Economic Sciences University of Warsaw and The Centre for French Culture and Francophone Studies kindly invite for the lecture „Internal secession rights for legitimizing liberal democracy” by prof. Marian Eabrasu

 The lecture will take place on 16th March 2020 at the Faculty of Economic Sciences (Dluga Street 44/50) in hall A at 11.30 AM.

 Marian Eabrasu is Associate Professor at the European Business School, Paris / INSEEC U. and Research Fellow at the GRANEM (Angers University, France). He obtained his Ph.D. in moral and political theory at the Paris VIII Saint-Denis University (France), and his habilitation in economics and management at Angers University (France).

 His interdisciplinary research interests combine economics, political science, management, and philosophy in the study of controversial issues (such as cheating, tax evasion and secession), and their implication for business and society. He has recently published Moral Disagreements in Business (Springer, 2019) and his articles are available in academic journals such as Revue Française de Science Politique, Raisons Politiques, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Journal of Business Ethics, Business and Society Review. 



Unilateral secessionist claims generate important debates about their legitimacy. These debates become particularly querulous when the legitimacy of the secessionist claims is weighted against the legitimacy of liberal democratic regimes. Instead of seeing the unilateral secessionist claims as an insoluble problem for liberal democracy, this article proposes to reverse the issue upside down and argues that the right to secede can be seen as a solution to the legitimacy crisis of the liberal democracies and as a new, and more demanding, feature of liberal democracy. Having the right to secede and not seceding should be seen as a convincing way to demonstrate the citizens’ consent to a given political order.


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