Intensive Polish language course online for Students

25 June 2021

We kindly invite to join the Intensive Polish language course online organised by Welcome Point at the University of Warsaw.

The course is aimed at preparing international students for living, learning, working and enjoying living in Poland. Participants of the course will explore at the elementary level secrets of the Polish language and acquire knowledge of Polish culture essential to reside in Poland, eg. how to buy a ticket, order a coffee or lunch, how to find your way around UW and dealing with basic affairs and phrases essential for social life in Poland.

The participation in the course is free of charge.

This is a unique option to meet colleagues from all over the world before the start of the classes and feel confident with Polish before coming to University.

The course will be held on 13th– 24th September 2021

Who can apply?

  • 2nd and 3rd year students of 1st cycle (Bachelor’s degree)
  • students of second cycle (Master’s degree)

Details are available in the invitation.


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