Intellectual Property Protection course

28 October 2021

The lecture on IPP for students of studies in English are scheduled for 8/12, 15/12 and 22/12 (or 12/01) from 15:00-16:30 (3.00pm-4.30pm). Students from the first year of BA studies have been enrolled for this lecture automatically. Students from the first year of second-cycle studies (MA) and those who failed in previous years must enroll in this lecture on their own in the USOSweb.

Registration will be available from 29.10 6.00pm to 6.11. 6 pm. First-year undergraduate students who have already completed this course or will apply for recognition of this subject from another university, may opt out of the course in this registration. Failure to register correctly will make it impossible to pass the course.

NOTE!!! This course is NOT intended for students indicated by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences to repeat the IPP for reasons OTHER than failing the course in previous years. For such students, IPP lecture will be held  in the summer semester.

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