Hackathon: Next Generation Internet Data Sprint

20 October 2018

The Data Sprint will take place on 9-10 November at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. During the hackathon you will have the opportunity to cooperate with experienced data-scientists from the consortium (Nesta, Eurecat, Delab) and be among the first to get to experiment with our data sets and new methodologies - from doing text-mining analyse to building data visualisations, using web data sources like Reddit, Wikipedia, Ars Technica or Reuters. 

We will work in small groups of 3 to 4 students, attractive awards are available for the best and most creative projects. This is also an opportunity to have some of your work showcased to the European Commission. For inspirations check out some of our preliminary results: https://ngi.delabapps.eu/

Practical information:

* Dates 9-10.11: We start on Friday at 17:00 at WNE UW with intro to the assignments. We begin coding on Saturday from 9:00 and the sprint will last until 20:00. We will provide pizza and energetic drinks to boost creativity (more precise schedule will be available soon).

* Event's website: http://www.delab.uw.edu.pl/pl/ngi_hackathon/

* Do not feel like a master of coding? Nothing lost, we invite everyone with basis of Python (Python 3 is the optimal tool for the hackathon), R or Tableau. If you have no experience in coding, but interested in social challenges of technology, your contribution will be highly valued as well.

* We reserve the right to close registration after reaching the limit of 40 students. In the case of a high number of applications, admissions will be decided based on the results of the short survey during registration.

* Best teams will receive awards! (More information soon)

Register now! https://goo.gl/forms/ucEfNxMmuqal2Bf32

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