Evaluation questionnaires

20 December 2016

Fill out evaluation questionnaires in usosweb by 15.01.2017 and let your opinion impact the way economics and finance are taught at the faculty.

The questionnaires are anonymous.

How does it work?

  1. Student logs into usosweb
  2. Student fills out questionnaires which refer to the courses in which he/she participated
  3. After the questionnaires are closed the Students office downloads the results (there is no possibility to download data which includes both results and personal data of the students)
  4. Vice-Dean for Students Affairs analyses the results and decides about changes in the program, or/and suggests teaching techniques' improvement. The lecturers receive global summary of the data.

15 random students who will fill out the questionnaires will be rewarded with gifts: mug + bag + a pass to meet Vice-Dean for Students Affairs without the necessity to subscribe to the waiting list.

In addition, a special prize will be awarded - the possibilty to create your own semester schedule.

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