The Euro or not?

5 March 2014

CEE_CDP_WNE_print-page-001.jpgThe Euro or not?
The European currency in CEE perspective

Środa, 5 marca 2014 r. ? godz. 18.30 ? Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych UW, aula C ? ul. Długa 44/50

Ryszard Kokoszczyński (WNE UW) in discussion with James Roaf (Senior Regional Representative for CEEof the IMF) will ponder on the perspective of the adoption of the Euro by further Eastern and Central European countries.

The intensifying economic diversification among the EU member countries, can bring insecurity into the future of the Euro.  Is the delay in adoption of EU currency the result of the crisis of reliance, or the unwillingness to deepen the integration? It can be seen from the example of Estonia and Latvia, that even during destabilization on financial markets, the Euro can be an attractive currency. The question is what Poland and the other countries of the region will do regarding common currency.

We will discuss, what can we say about the eventuality of adopting  the Euro in Poland looking from today's perspective. We will seek to find out, which of  the new member states' are closest to adapting the Euro, and what challenges they have to face in connection with this. Will the leaders of the Central and Eastern European countries be determined enough to carry out such rather difficult reforms even during the period of crisis? What bears more risk, delaying the adoption of the Euro or entering the Euro zone?

We will seek for answers for these and numerous other questions this Wednesday!

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