The Art and Science of Microeconomic Modeling - course by prof. O. Stark

27 January 2015

Oded Stark Pamplona June 4, 2013.JPGStarting on May 11, 2015, a two-week course entitled “The Art and Science of Microeconomic Modeling” will be given at WNE UW by Professor Oded Stark.

Professor Stark is a Professor at the Chair of Population Economics and Demography at WNE UW, and holds professorships and distinguished appointments at several other universities. In March 2013 Professor Stark was awarded Doctor honoris causa by the Senate of the University of Warsaw. In the past five years he has been listed as number one in the RePEc / IDEAS ranking of the top economists in Poland, and among the world’s 5% leading economists. According to the Handelsblatt listing, he is also top ranked amongst the economics professors in the German-speaking world. He is the author of numerous publications in international peer-reviewed journals, and of several books that met with international acclaim. Lectures given by Professor Stark are well received by students, partly because of his charisma, openness, and non-standard way of teaching. Professor Stark is also of the habit of offering doctoral scholarships and research assistantships to his best students. More information about Professor Stark can be found at

“The Art and Science of Microeconomic Modeling” course is intended for Master and Ph.D. students, and is held in English. The participation requirements are well-developed mathematical skills, and fluency in English. Passing the two-week intensive course is equivalent to gaining 30 hours of an elective course (International Economics students), 30 hours of OGUN course (Quantitative Finance students) or 30 hours of ‘rozszerzenie ekonomii’ course (programs taught in Polish). Students accorded the highest grade in the exam of the course increase their chances of a successful application for Ph.D. study at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, and of writing a Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of Professor Stark. We invite you to submit a request to participate in the course to Ewa Zawojska (email address:QV_?#*b+3Hyp/BYEWwF=5vL]#[3QA3uoVro_q_oKO9`]%0Bg5) on or before March 30, 2015. Please be advised that it will not be possible to register for the course via USOS!

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