Announcement regarding the epidemiological situation

27 February 2020

We would like to kindly ask you to read the announcement from Prof. Katarzyna Kopczewska - Vice-Dean for Students Affairs at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw regarding precautionary measures related to the epidemiological situation.


Dear Students,

we all see that the epidemiological situation around us has ceased to be safe, both because of our local flu and possible coronavirus infections.

Therefore, in the first stage we introduce the principle of "door selection" for the common good and public health. According to this rule, students who have symptoms of infection (runny nose, cough, etc.) will be asked to leave classes. We accept the principle that the common good is worth more than the individual good.

We recognize that many teachers strictly require attendance. Lecturers received a letter asking to modify the rules of passing the subject, in which absence due to illness is not an obstacle to passing the subject. We want to eliminate the phenomenon of coming to class during illness.

At the same time, so that the epidemiological situation does not become a pretext for unjustifiably leaving classes, please notify the lecturers of the disease via e-mail (in one e-mail to all your lecturers at the same time), and in case of a longer absence, provide a sick leave.

People who have recently been in areas affected by coronavirus, please do not come to the Faculty for min. two weeks. Please report this to lecturers.

Antibacterial liquid dispensers will soon be installed in toilets for shared safety.

I kindly ask you to apply these rules and the social control mechanism until the situation stabilizes. Staying home during illness is the right of every student and lecturer.


Katarzyna Kopczewska



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