8th place of the Faculty’s team in Rotman International Trading Competition

2 March 2021

We proudly announce that the Team of the Faculty of Economic Sciences achieved 8th place in world finals of the Rotman International Tranding Competition.

Rotman International Trading Competition is a prestigious trading contest, organised by the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. The contest consists of different tasks which require a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge from the field of financial markets, mathematical modeling, programming and economics. It is held on simulated real-time market where the ability to adjust the strategy quickly to the dynamic changes is crucial.

The world final contest was held online on February 19th, 2021.

45 teams took part in the world final, representing 40 universities from Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and South America. The University of Warsaw was represented by the team from the Faculty of Economic Sciences and it was the only team representing Poland.

Faculty of Economic Sciences was represented by the 1st year students of our MA programs: Karolina Sulej (Informatics and Econometrics), Jakub Kasprzak (Informatics and Econometrics), Mateusz Kijewski (Quantitative Finance) and Tomasz Mroziewicz (Quantitative Finance). Prof. Robert Ślepaczuk was the team’s advisor.

This year’s final consisted of only three competitions in comparison to six which were held in 2020. The other three were the ones in which our team performed the best in 2020.

Comparing to 2020, representants of the Faculty performed better in almost every single competition.

In Algo Trading case which requires programming algorithms that use speculative, arbitral, and market-making strategies our team achieved 10th place (in comparison to 16th in 2020). In Liquidity Risk competition which requires active speculation in institutional offers based on the actual contract book, the Faculty’s team achieved 15th place (in comparison to 22nd in 2020). Furthermore, the representants of the Faculty coped very well in competitions which required close cooperation and active communication and achieved 6th place in BP commodities competition concerning trade in petroleum futures.

More information can be found on the website.


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