4EU+ Spring School (online)

23 March 2021

We kindly invite MA Students and PhD Students to take part in the 4EU+ Spring School (online) “The Making of EU Environmental Regulation: Processes, Actors, and Tools of Implementing the Climate Action Strategy of the European Green Deal”.

The consortium of European universities 4EU+ organises a Spring School devoted to EU policy making. The aim of the Spring School is to make students familiar with the context and conditions of EU environmental and climate policy. EU’s strategy to make the European Economy sustainable, namely to implement the European Green Deal will be discussed. Basic knowledge of key methods, theories, approaches in the fields of political science and economics will be provided in a comprehensive manner. They will be later put in use by students to work (in groups) on applied environmental and climate policy at the EU level.

By March 26, 2021, students and PhD Students should electronically submit indication of their interest in the School (brief "motivation letters") accompanied by their average scores and any records of contribution to the School topic via email to: ?Jbl*yPN.fm\h{X0R]&O`8xYI#]#[/7UVsaD.qV]I!sGp[S{XFwnb6r.

Organizing department is the Alfred-Weber-Institute of Economics, Heidelberg University.

Course representatives are:

  • prof. Tomasz Zylicz (University of Warsaw)
  • prof. Søren Bøye Olsen (University of Copenhagen)
  • prof. Timo Goeschl (University of Heidelberg)
  • prof. Vilém Novotný (Charles University, Prague)
  • prof. Marzio Galeotti (University of Milan)

Prof. Tomasz Żylicz and prof. Karolina Safarzyńska will represent The Faculty of Economic Sciences as course instructors.

More details are available in the syllabus.

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