Worldwide conference at the Faculty of Economic Sciences co-financed with IDUB funds

30 July 2021

We happily announce that prof. Katarzyna Kopczewska from the Chair of Statistics and Econometrics at the Faculty of Economic Sciences won the competition “Organizing worldwide high-level congresses” organised within the Excellence Initiative – Research University (IDUB) program.

The received funds will be used to organise „The XVI World Conference of Spatial Econometrics Association (SEA 2022)” which will be held from 21st till 24th June 2022 and will be realised within the Track 3 – POB III: “The Challenge of Petabytes”.

The event is accompanied by ERSA Winter School 2022 which will take place on 13th-18th February 2022 at the Faculty of Economic Sciences.

Details are available on the Cenference’s website.


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