WNE UW co-organizes 22nd GTAP conference

18 March 2019

On June 19-21, the 22nd Annual Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) will take place, bringing together over 200 experts from around the world researching global trade, resources and environmental issues. The host of this year's edition of this prestigious event carried out by the GTAP Center at the Purdue University (USA) will be the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw.

The theme of 22nd GTAP conference will be challenges for global, social and economic growth. The plenary session of the conference will include prof. Ottmar Edenhofer (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Mercator Research Institute on Global Communications and Climate Change, Technische Universität Berlin), prof. Sergei Guriev (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), and prof. Swati Dhingra (London School of Economics).

The conference program consists of several plenary sessions and parallel sessions. Moreover, during the conference several specialized competence workshops will be organized and a GTAP Advisory Board meeting will be held. Dean of the University of Warsaw, prof. Jan J. Michałek is the chairman of the conference program committee (together with prof. Dominique van der Mensbrugghe from the Purdue University), the committee also includes prof. Jan Hagemejer and prof. Bartłomiej Rokicki from WNE UW.

Details: https://www.gtap.agecon.purdue.edu/events/conferences/2019/index.aspx

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