Seminar „Cyberbullying: From Problem to Solution” [23.06.2021]

22 June 2021

We kindly invite to take part in the next seminar from the series “Digital Europe Economic” (DEEcon) conducted by DELab UW, Faculty of Sociology and Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw. The series of meetings is an opportunity to present digitization research by leading European Union researchers. Each seminar is moderated by Wojciech Hardy, Ph.D. from the Department of Technological Transformation of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw.

During the meeting „Cyberbullying: From Problem to Solution” which will be held on June 23rd 2021 at 1 p.m. (CEST) prof. Heidi Vandebosch (University of Antwerp) will present the main findings of her research on cyberbullying, a topic she started to investigate in 2005 as well as the effects of projects, focused on solving the problem - evidence-based (technological) interventions.

The meeting will provide an opportunity to look at the issue of cyber-violence in a multidimensional way – from characterization and impact on individuals, through analysis of solutions aimed at tackling the problem to new forms of digital aggression.

Full description and registration is available on the website.

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