Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Real Estate

29 March 2021

Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Real Estate is a publication developed by a team of experts, which indicates what elements of the knowledge, skills and social competence of real estate workers are needed to perform specific tasks in the intermediation, administration, valuation and management of real estate, regardless of the size of the company. It was established as part of the Integrated Qualification System which develops the provisions of the Polish Qualifications Framework. It is a set of basic guidelines on learning outcomes, required for the qualifications of a given level in different forms of education.

The research team in charge of the development the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Real Estate was led by Bartłomiej Dessoulavy-Śliwiński, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Chair of Information Systems and Economics Analysis.

The publication gives an opportunity to develop a common vision for the real estate sector, with competence standards and market qualifications, and allows the development of market-relevant education and training programs for workers and facilitates the formulation of criteria when ordering services or recruiting workers.

The team of experts that developed Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Real Estate consisted of individuals representing different segments of the sector: real estate management, real estate intermediation and real estate valuation. The experts included representatives of companies active in the area of real estate management, independent experts, as well as representatives of institutions involved in training for the real estate sector, and representatives of major industry organizations.

The publication is available on the website.

More about the Integrated Qualification System is available on the website.

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