Scholarship within the IdeaLab project: VAPE (Virtual Air Pollution Experience)

1 June 2021

We kindly invite to send applications for the scholarship within the IdeaLab project: VAPE (Virtual Air Pollution Experience) – “How does multisensory virtual experience impact environmental behaviour?”

The project aims to understand how multisensory virtual experience impacts real environmental behaviours. It uses mixed and virtual reality, various measurements of behavioural change, real time pollution data visualisation, and economics to reach that goal.

The project is realised by researchers from Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences, NILU - Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Polish-Japanese Academy of information Technology (KOBO NGO) and the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw.

The scope of work of the Research Assistant will include:

  • working with data using R, MatLab or Stata software (one of the Assistant’s choice),
  • deriving and harmonizing data,
  • building an econometric approach to modeling experimental data, with the support of the Principal Investigator,
  • co-creating an experimental approach,
  • statistical and econometric data analyses,
  • updating the literature review on the topic covered by the project,
  • communication of the project results in social media (Twitter, Facebook) and on the project website,
  • presentation of the empirical results at conferences,
  • co-authorship of scientific publications.

Deadline for application: July 15th 2021.

Details are available in the announcement.

Detailed description of the project is available on the website.

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