Researchers of The Faculty of Economic Sciences granted funding from National Science Center

22 November 2019

PhD Anna Nicinska and PhD Krzysztof Szczygielski received funding from National Science Center to conduct their research projects as a part of OPUS 17 contest.

The project “The role of institutions for health, attitudes and behaviours in later life” will investigate the determinants of the current health status as well as caregiving attitudes and behaviour of people who experienced life in socialist (or communist) regimes in comparison to people who do not have such experience, because of their place or time of birth.

The aim of the second project “Technology-specific innovation systems in Europe - a quantitative micro-level analysis” is to assess the functioning of the technology-specific systems of innovation in European Economic Area economies by carefully analyzing the patenting and publishing patterns of firms and academia, as well as funding data of some public and private actors.


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