Prestigious ERC grant realised at the Faculty of Economic Sciences

4 February 2020

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European Research Council - ERC from 2008 is supporting top scientists and scholars with grants for innovative research conducted in European Union and associated countries.

This year’s Consolidator Grants winners are 301 researchers from all around Europe, granted 600 million euros.

The project “Globalization-and Technology-Driven Labour Market Change and Fertility” (LABFER), the first one which will comprehensively describe and evaluate the consequences of dramatic labour market transformations on fertility. It will be realised at The Faculty of Economic Sciences University of Warsaw and it is one of two realised in Poland.

The correlation between work 2.0 and birth rate was by far barely noticed in research. The intention of innovatory project of prof. Matysiak is to investigate the mentioned correlation in OECD countries. The grant’s winner would like to answer the question whether the changes on the job market, visible in rising flexibility of time and place of work on one hand and rising instability of employment and higher requirements on the other, can affect decisions of having children and whether the family and job market policies can smooth negative effects of those changes in forming and development of families.

Team of researchers led by prof. Matysiak will also investigate whether rising inequalities on the job market between people with higher and lower qualifications caused by routine work automation are leading to rising inequalities in chances of having a family. The full description of the project is available here.

Prof. Matysiak’s scientific activity concentrates on analysing correlation between demographic socioeconomic processes, especially analysing the relation between the process of families integration and disintegration and professional activity and socioeconomic status of population, cultural roles of gender, quality of life and family policy.


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