Position: Data Analyst

15 November 2021

The Interdisciplinary Centre of Labour Market and Family Dynamics (LABFAM) University of Warsaw is seeking to fill a position of a Data Scientist (50%, fixed-term) within the ERC Consolidator Grant “Globalization- and Technology-Driven Labour Market Change and Fertility” (LABFER) (PI: Anna Matysiak). More information about the LABFAM and the grant can be found at http://www.labfam.uw.edu.pl


Description of the job:

The successful candidate will:

  • prepare a harmonised database with employment, educational and family histories on the basis of the panel data from such countries as UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Poland or US (e.g. German Socio-Economic Panel, UK Understanding Societies Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey, Panel Survey of Income Dynamics or Swiss Household Panel, Social Diagnosis);
  • prepare documentation of this database. 
  • Depending on candidate’s level of education/degree, one of the following positions will be offered: Technical assistant (master’s students), Research Assistant (master’s degree, PhD candidates), Assistant Professor (PhD – post-doc)


The candidate should display:

  • an ability to work with statistical software (Stata, R) at the advanced level; experience with GitHub will be an additional asset
  • experience in working with large datasets, including microdata, especially longitudinal microdata
  • good command of modern techniques of quantitative data analysis (e.g. panel data analysis, event history analysis);
  • excellent communication skills;
  • fluency in English.
  • Experience in working with the panel data mentioned above and interest in the topics covered by LABFER will be considered as additional assets.

The knowledge of Polish is not required.

We will accept applications from master students of the last grade, master graduates and PhDs. 

We offer:

  • Employment on a 50% basis for one year subject to an evaluation after first 3 months
  • Monthly remuneration depending on the education level and work experience: 3 500 – 5 000 PLN gross (~ 800 – 1 100 EUR) + the 13th salary 
  • Work in the dynamic and interdisciplinary research environment 
  • The position is available since mid-May 2021 and should be filled as soon as possible. 

List of required documents: 

  • CV including education and employment history, information about completed courses in the field of data analysis and/or programming, information about the command of statistical software and programming languages
  • Motivation letter motivating candidate’s interest in the position and explaining how the candidate meets the requirements of the call. The letter should contain information about candidate’s work experience with data and his/her analytical skills (up to 3 pages) 
  • Certificates of completed courses or obtained degrees in the field of data analysis (if available)
  • Signed “Information on personal data processing”  

We reserve the right to ask selected candidates for additional information documenting their qualifications in programming and data analysis (e.g. examples of codes). 

The documents should be prepared in English and submitted by email to: r|BM5GA-SJm1Puoe~zhN]#[_^{0q1X!B+v%H~UJt&Y7

Submission date: 10.12.2021

Candidates selected to the second recruitment stage will be invited for an interview. 

The interviews are planned online in first half of April 2021. Candidates will be notified about the results by email. 


For further information about the application procedure please contact: 

r|BM5GA-SJm1Puoe~zhN_`V]#[TjzB/7%i?aez2~e]-`MDhQC  - substantive questions on the position 

r|BM5GA-SJm1Puoe~zhN_`V=%!]#[Tt'/|#-xC3Ozgm^K-p`WEELGrl  - questions on administrative matters

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