Organization of the Faculty due to the epidemiological situation

11 March 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are in a new and challenging situation for everyone. Good organization and common sense are a must.


Framework issues:

  • Ordinance of the University of Warsaw Rector No. 50 of 10/03/2020 assumes 3-5 weeks of a crisis, and nobody knows what will happen next
  • everyone intends to settle the academic year on time, without postponing the dates of classes, sessions and defence (and changing summer holidays dates)
  • the kindness and cooperation of all members of the community are necessary
  • None of us can say that the virus does not affect him/her. We do not know whether we will be able to overcome the problem without deeper problems or whether we will be affected by massive infections, as happened in other countries



  • Rector's ordinance extinguishes ALL academic activities that require attendance. We should remember that the virus can be infected not only in the WNE building but in particular when travelling to the WNE (e.g. in public transport)
  • within a maximum of two weeks, teaching will start in the online version. Technical details will appear soon. UW was not prepared for e-learning on such a large scale. We will keep you updated on available solutions.
  • the ordinance of the University of Warsaw Rector assumes that the situation will stabilize by mid-April. If this is the case, we will return to regular full-time classes after Easter. If not, new instructions will appear.
  • lecturers who have ready materials (e.g. slides for lectures, materials for classes) can communicate with students on an ongoing basis, without waiting until 23.03, using the e-mail address in USOS
  • lecturers should re-establish the course conditions: scope of the course, requirements for passing, method of communication (assuming an optimistic and pessimistic scenario) and weekly online consultations


Credits and exams:

  • it is clear that no subject in the summer semester can assume attendance as a pass or exam criterion
  • if epidemiological conditions allow, WNE will organize the "EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE" exam session in June and September. We know that our local flu caused a lot of infections in the winter session (and the resumption of exam dates), the winter retake session took part for selected courses and few students. The intention is to organize the enrollment in June for exams from the winter semester, as well as collective exams and credits (several subjects in one room, supervising the exam / credits by WNE staff).
  • defence:
  • if epidemiological conditions allow, the defense will take place on time as planned in the academic calendar
  • for the defences to be carried out on time (because the recruitment will take place on time), all credits must be in the session. We hope that we can efficiently issue the grades


Technical matters:

  • extension of student IDs: IDs should be extended until 13.03, they will be collected in the WNE lobby into a container, selected and extended every hour. 

UPDATE: According to the ordinance of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education validity of the student ID cards is extended until May 31

  • one can enter the WNE building (for now). Major meetings may not be organized. Keep a minimum 1-meter distance when interacting with another person.
  • we care about hygiene: we often wash our hands, we don't greet each other by shaking hands, in the case of infection the principle of "door selection" applies
  • the student's office supports students remotely – please contact by e-mail and phone, applications can be thrown into the box at the reception desk or sent via USOS
  • faculty administration works as long as travelling around the city is reasonably safe. We suggest that you resolve as many issues as possible electronically.
  • WNE reading room does not work - the library lends books on a regular basis until 13.03
  • tuition fee exemptions and individual study track will be granted after the examination session in June


Elections and council meetings:

  • meetings with two candidates for Dean of WNE: on 11.03 the candidates will be on duty at the announced times, and then the election campaign will be suspended.
  • the election of Dean of WNE scheduled for 25.03 will probably be postponed, depending on central campus instructions
  • The Didactic Council planned for 18.03 will be held remotely, meeting scheduled for 08.04 - information at a later date
  • The Faculty Council and Scientific Board planned for 25.03 will be held at a later date. Urgent matters will be dealt circularly (when possible) (this applies especially to the Scientific Board, which has the Rector's permission to do so).

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