Online meeting „Digital health care: challenges, opportunities and lessons learnt” [03.12.2021]

8 November 2021

We kindly invite to take part in the online meeting “Digital health care: challenges, opportunities and lessons learnt” organised by the European Health Policy Group, Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw and Digital Economy Lab.

The event will take place on December 3rd 2021 and it will be devoted to the subject of digital development in health care.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences will be represented by Anna Nicińska, Ph.D. from the Department of Technological Transformation and Katarzyna Peryt-Kowalska from the Department of Political Economics of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw.

Participants will discuss the issues of e.g. the impacts of digitalisation on population health, the key features of a well-designed virtual primary care system, international policy perspectives to address the increased health inequalities for people living with disabilities or the role of virtual health care in improving population health.

The registration link and agenda of the meeting are available on the website:


For 20 years the European Health Policy Group, it has organised workshops that bring together researchers from different disciplines, from medicine, economics to sociology and psychology, dealing with health policy, public health efficiency and organization in Europe. The aim of the meetings is to exchange knowledge and experience in order to support the development of health policy and to improve the quality of health protection for Europeans, as well as to strengthen the scientific network of researchers, with particular reference to researchers from Central and Eastern Europe in recent years.

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