The Oded Stark’s Award for Excellence in Publishing

20 May 2019

Eligibility: Ph.D. students at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Warsaw University and newly-minted Ph.D.'s from the Faculty up to three years past the granting of the Ph.D.

The amount of the Award: PLN 5,000.

Award criteria: publication in, or acceptance for publication by an international refereed journal of an article of which the submitter is an author or a co-author. Multiple submissions by one person are allowed. The Award Committee will rank the entries and grant the award to the first­ ranked article. In the case of co-authorship of an article by two or more eligible submitters and if the article will be ranked first, the Committee will divide the Award between the co-authors. The Committee's deliberations will be kept confidential.

The Award Committee: the Committee will consist of two members of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at Warsaw University. The members of the Committee to be appointed by the Dean of the Faculty will be Professor Oded Stark and another Professor from the Faculty. The members of the Committee will serve for an initial period of three years and may be re­ appointed by the Dean thereafter.

Deadline for submissions: June 30 of each year.

The Award: a certificate and the monetary prize will be given, and the granting of the Award will be widely announced in October of each year. The Award winner will present the article in the first Ph.D. seminar of the academic year that is, in October.

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