New projects granted by NCN to WNE researchers

19 December 2017

National Science Centre has awarded new grants:

3 PRELUDIUM grants - intended for pre-doctoral researchers about to embark on their scientific career awarded to:

  • mgr Michał Paliński
    Will GDPR solve the online privacy paradox? Study on users' preferences towards privacy control mechanisms
  • mgr Bernadeta Gołębiowska
    Consumers' preferences for demand side management in Poland.
  • mgr Zbigniew Grzegorz Bohdanowicz
    Analysis of factors influencing believes, attitudes and support level for solutions reducing negative effect of Anthropogenic Climate Change

4 OPUS general grants awarded to:

  • dr hab. Mikołaj Czajkowski, prof. UW
    Incentive compatibility in stated preference studies
  • dr hab. Michał Brzeziński
    Wealth inequality in Central and Eastern Europe
  • dr hab. Olga Kiuila
    Economic interactions under new energy policy
  • dr hab. Jan Michał Fałkowski
    Informal institutions, competitiveness of elections and economic outcomes

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