New guidance for studying and working during coronavirus outbreak

7 April 2020

On 7th April, Rector of the University of Warsaw issued the new orders on studying and working arrangements at the University of Warsaw.

Taking into consideration the current situation in the country, Prof. Marcin Pałys, the UW rector, has decided to introduce the following changes to his previous orders and:

  • Extend through 15th May the period of online lectures and classes for students, doctoral candidates, post-diploma learners;
  • Extend through 15th May work limitations on the UW campuses;
  • Extend through 30th June the period of suspension of business travels abroad and participation in domestic conferences of employees, doctoral candidates, students and post-diploma learners of the university;
  • Extend through 30th June the period of suspension of accommodating new students in residence halls and other facilities, and prohibition from visiting these places;
  • Extend through 31st August the period of cancellation of open events such as conferences, symposiums, lectures, including courses of the Open University of the University of Warsaw, artistic performance sand other meetings of this type organised by the University of Warsaw as well as events organised by external entities at the premises of the University of Warsaw;
  • Introduce 50% reduction in accommodation fee (in May 2020) for students, doctoral candidates, postgraduate students of the School of Education of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and the University of Warsaw, and participants of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, who live in UW facilities. (A partial accommodation fee in April was introduced by the Order no. 59/2020 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of 23rd March 2020).

More information is available at the University of Warsaw official website.

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