Lunch Seminar - prof. Katarzyna Kopczewska

14 February 2020

We invite for a next meeting within the Lunch Seminar series, which takes place on Wednesday, February 19 at 11.30 am in room A103. This time, Dr hab. Katarzyna Kopczewska, prof. ucz., presents her work “Spatial interactions in business and housing location models. Quantitative verification of location theories from classic to evolutionary” (abstract below). The meeting is in English.

Everyone is welcome – Faculty members, PhD students, MA and BA students, as well as guests from outside of our Faculty, so please spread the word. A light (sandwich) lunch will be provided. 

The full schedule of the seminar series in this term is available here.

If you would like to present in the seminar, please contact Ewa Zawojska via e-mail ($&~xwzh[jM?e68^F\L5HEP]#[f{`%r\`KUA%GQ.VOB-#Q29).


Abstract: The paper shows the integration of theoretical models of housing and business locations, and proves that both mechanisms have the same determinants. It also evidences that classical, behavioural, New Economic Geography, evolutionary and co-evolutionary frameworks work simultaneously and that all theoretical models should be considered jointly when explaining urban structure. The complexity of location models, together with impossibility to fulfil standard assumptions on permanent optimisation, continuously distance-decaying gradients, lack of spillovers and interactions as well as monocentric urban structure prevent single quantitative spatial tools from being efficiently used in discovering the patterns of business and residential urban location and multiple spatial statistics are required. 

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