LabFam Seminar Series

4 October 2021

We would like to invite you to the next meeting of the 'LabFam Seminar Series' that will take place the following Tuesday (October 5, 2021), at (attention! new starting hour!) 3pm - 4:30 pm (CEST)

The next speaker of the series is Youngjoo Cha  from Indiana University.

Her presentation is on the topic:  Can We Change the Overwork Culture? The Role of Workplaces in Challenging Conventional Definitions of “Ideal Workers.

The seminar will last 1.5h, with 40 min reserved for a presentation, 20 min for a general discussion and extra 30 min saved for an additional discussion (for the purpose of methodological or future collaboration questions). The seminars are open to all students and professionals from the Faculty of the Economic Sciences at UW and other researchers interested in the topics covered by LabFam. Please feel free to share this information with your collaborators.

 The meetings are available in English.

In order to participate, please register here: 

In the SEMINARS section of our website (, further seminars are posted, for which you can register directly on the website in order to receive link.

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