Kateryna Zabarina awarded with Prof. J. Paelinck’s Prize for Young Researchers

20 June 2018

Zabarina Kateryna1.jpgWe are pleased to inform that Ms. Kateryna Zabarina, PhD student at the Faculty of Economic Sciences UW, received Prof. J. Paelinck’s award at the conference World Association of Spatial Econometrics (SEA) organized by Webster University in Vienna. The prize was established to recognize and honour the outstanding career and contributions of Professor Jean Paelinck, an internationally recognized spatial econometrician of outstanding merit, who is viewed as one of the fathers of the field of spatial econometrics. Objective The Jean Paelinck Prize for Young Researchers aims to recognize the research of junior scientists in Spatial Econometrics through paper presentation and in-depth discussion, organized at the World Congress of the Spatial Econometrics Association. Mrs. Zabarina received the price based on submitted article "Tessellation and an alternative method of aggregation". Congratulations!

Abstract: The sensitivity of statistical results to the choice of a particular zoning system is known as the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem. Level of aggregation is a significant factor determining results. Moving from point data to areal data, one should take into account aggregation and existence of spatial autocorrelation in the data. Though usually Voronoi tessellation is used in different study fields, this paper suggests it can be an alternative aggregation method to connect point and areal data in economics. Paper shows the possibility to calculate spatial average from point data and vice versa.

Bio: Ms Kateryna Zabarina was awarded with BA diploma in Economic Cybernetics at Donetsk Polytechnic. In 2016 she graduated from MA studies in Informatics and Econometrics at WNE UW. Ms. Zabarina is a PhD student at Chair in Statistics and Econometrics at WNE UW.

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