Job offer in the Welcome Point at the Faculty of Economic Sciences

6 July 2021

The Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw is looking for a Candidate to work in the emerging University of Warsaw Welcome Point branch at the Faculty of Economic Sciences.

Recruitment is carried out under the "Welcome to Poland" Program, Project "Let's make together economics in Warsaw", contract number PPI / WTP / 2020/1/00063 / U / 00001, financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange.

The main task of the person employed in the above position will be supporting foreign students, Ph.D. students and employees coming to the Faculty of Economic Sciences.

Applications should be sent by July 11th 2021, to the email address: \[wO5|eu+LU0cPmM8b}7fyrWXi]#[TAd/!jKfv2D!zH\/EXuDL^h`IV

Details are available in the announcement.

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