Faculty of Economic Sciences is the most effective in the field of economic science

17 July 2018

The National Science Center ( NCN) has presented grant activity list of Polish scientific institutions. This list is based on the results of the competitions that took place in 2013-2017.  The success rate, the amount of funding granted and the academic category given by KEJN (Scientific Unit Evaluation Committee) were taken into account. According to published data, the Faculty of Economic Sciences University of Warsaw (WNE UW) is the most effective of all research institutions in the field of economic science with the success rate of 49%.

The results of WNE UW were compared to the results of scientific institutions in the joint assessment group (GWO) of HS1EK. KEJN uses the same classification to assign a scientific category (WNE UW received the A + category in 2017). The joint assessment group includes 83 scientific and research institutions, and only 7 of them achieved a success rate of 30% or more.

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