Does the availability of flights affect scientific collaboration? [16.11.2021]

8 November 2021

We kindly invite to join the next seminar by the Department of Innovation and Development of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw which will be held on Tuesday, November 16th 2021 at 1 p.m.

During the meeting Adam Płoszaj, Ph.D in the presentation „The global network of air links and scientific collaboration – a quasi-experimental analysis" will talk about the impact of availability of long-haul flights on international  scientific collaboration.

Adam Płoszaj, Ph.D. is the Head of the Science Studies Lab, University of Warsaw and Assistant Professor at the Centre for European Regional and Local Studies EUROREG, University of Warsaw.

The abstract of the presentation is available on the website:

The meeting will be held both – on site at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw (Dluga Street 44/50, room B002) and online via Zoom platform. Link to the meeting:

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