Digital Economy Lab (DELab) Launch

2 April 2014

Delab_logo.jpgDELAB is a research unit conducting interdisciplinary research on the transformation related to the development of information and communication technologies and drawing up solutions in the scope of the effective application of new technologies in the economy and society in Poland and the Central and Eastern Europe, with particular consideration given to:

  • comprehensive strengthening of ICT application in the society and economy,
  • improvement of adaptation and innovative capabilities of companies,
  • supporting the development of innovative entrepreneurship,
  • development of educational skills and solutions needed for the professions of the future,
  • identification of the necessary structural reforms and institutional transformation as well as supporting the development of the respective public policies.

Current programs:



1.    Smart Economy & Innovation (koordynatorka: dr hab. Katarzyna Śledziewska)

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1.    Smart Economy & Innovation (coordinator: dr hab. Katarzyna Śledziewska)
2.    Jobs & Skills for the Future
3.    Digital Humanities (coordinator: prof. W. Miśkiewicz, visiting professor CNRS Paris - affiliated by the Faculty of Philosophy)
4.    Enterpreneurship (koordynatorzy: dr hab. M. Kubica, MIMUW i Maciej Broniarz)

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