CfP: The Shadow Economy, Tax Evasion and Informal Labor

21 February 2017

Economists and other social scientists have shown increasing interest in analyzing issues such as the shadow economy, tax evasion, informal labor, money laundering, corruption and illegal economy. These research efforts have contributed to a better understanding of why and to what extent such behavior occurs, and how they may be traced and be handled with from a policy perspective. The 5th Shadow Conference aims at bringing together researchers working in this field to explore and discuss recent research developments.

The conference "The Shadow Economy, Tax Evasion and Informal Labor" has first taken place in Universitaet Muenster in 2009 and is repeated biennially. The previous conferences took place in Exeter and several times in Muenster. This year we invite you to Warsaw.

This year the keynote lectures will be given by Johannes Koettl (The World Bank) and Luigi Mittone (Università degli Studi di Trento). The conference will also include a discussion panel on statistical offices and their approach to shadow economy. The panelists will be: Brugt Kazemier (CBS-Statistics Netherlands), Manlio Calzaroni (ISTAT) and a representative of the Central Statistical Office of Poland.

Submission and registration
Submissions of abstracts (300 to 500 words) or full papers dealing with one of the conference topics, or with related issues such as corruption, social benefit fraud, and other illicit economic activities are welcome. Papers may be either theoretical or empirical, experimental, agent-based etc.

There is a registration fee to cover the costs of conference materials, refreshments, conference dinner and social program. The fee is set to 300 euros (early bird, until April 30th) and 450 euros (until May 30th).



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