Call for proposals - “Imagining the future” Festives

14 January 2021

Only till 29th January Students, PhD Students and Employees of the Universities that make up the 4EU+ European University Alliance can submit the proposals for The Sorbonne University Festives “Imagining the future” which will be held at the Sorbonne University in June 2021.

The festival’s guiding principle “Imagining the future” offers a range of four themes to explore the multiples social challenges and changes of our time:

  • Nature: what are the futures for Humanity? To build new relations and a new “contract” between the human being and his environment
  • The human being of tomorrow: extended, assisted, modified, pushed? From development to repair
  • Art, culture and heritage: Which roles in the societal transition? To create in the world of tomorrow
  • Individual liberties and civic rights: which perspectives? To invent the society of tomorrow.

They must favour interactions with the public by giving an advantage to dialogs and participation, especially with a younger audience (15 to 18-year olds for example), when the topic is appropriate. The actions can take varied and original forms e.g. meetings, experiments, exhibitions, contest or game.

Details are available on the 4EU+ website.

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