Application forms for NCN grants available in the ZSUN / OSF system

29 January 2018

Please be advised that application forms for following projects are available in the  ZSUN/OSF system

ETIUDA 6 - doctoral scholarship

SONATINA 6 - PhD holder grants (up to 3 years after PhD award)

UWERTURA 2 -  fellowship in ERC-funded projects


We invite you to consultations regarding proposal submission.

Monika Cedro, ph. 49 188 k@{qj]KEWAd~ro!}2P'3]#[YzaV]Mb9F}mtjxeb'Ysz

Ewa Kaźmierczak, ph. 49 139 k@{qj]KEWAd~ro!}2P'3^cB9le]#[Q']lXG-478Fj/gnc?Fz@DH4F]R

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