1st edition of the Warsaw Econometric Challenge

30 March 2021

We kindly invite undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty to take a part in the 1st edition of the Warsaw Econometric Challenge organised at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw.

The contest will be held on April 24th at 10 a.m. and is meant for max 4 persons teams.

The goal of the game is to write a scientific paper within 24 hours. The topic and data will be introduced on the contest day.

The participation should be declared via email to: @0%pgh+[E?k/!`B|m]#[4pe-_Wld73todVKmZ with the title "[Warsaw Econometric Challenge] Team registration". The email should comprise team name, team members’ full names, their student book numbers and the general data protection regulation clause filled.

The Organizing committee consists of researchers from the Faculty of Economic Sciences: Marcin Chlebus, Ph.D., Janusz Gajda, Ph.D., and Rafał Woźniak, Ph.D.

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