Learn global and regional perspective at the same time

1 May 2013

Faculty of Economic Sciences at University of Warsaw (Poland) opens new undergraduate program ?Finance and International Investment?, conducted fully in English. This is an opportunity for all those who believe that globalization is always accompanied by regionalism and that harmony between both is the best way to prosperity!

Thousands of students graduate in economic sciences every year. Employers raise their expectations, future economists do it as well. Prospective students search for ways to stand out and thus ensure a stable future. International Labour Organization (specialized UN agency) reports that by the end of 2013 there will be more than 73 million unemployed people between 15 and 29. Employers, schools and young people live in parallel worlds, says José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, ILO director.

The challenge is not only to combine theory and practical skills in appropriate proportions, but also wide, general and at the same time specialized knowledge. World needs broad-minded experts, remarks Katarzyna Kopczewska, PhD and Associate Dean at the Faculty of Economic Sciences (Warsaw, Poland), It is therefore a good solution to study economic sciences in Poland. International level of studies in English enriched by an insight into Eastern Europe economic mechanisms and perspectives give wider range of possibilities for the economists in spe.

Being a good economist, financier or manager is extremely challenging. Solid foundations, development and interest in current economic affairs are required constantly. Fluency in professional English is essential all over the world, firm grasp of diverse perspectives also. That is why it is a good idea to study in an international environment where thanks to daily contact with foreigners, who have different cultural and social background, students have greater chance to broaden horizons and be inspired in unpredictable ways.

Poland is one of the most dynamic countries in Europe. It has preserved high economic rates in spite of deep crisis throughout the continent. There are many advantages of studies in Eastern Europe. Firstly they enable to get comparable competences as in Western Europe but at lower cost. What is more, given the demographics universities fight for students more aggressively. As a consequence Eastern European universities quite often offer much more interesting and available student exchange and double degree opportunities than universities in Western Europe.

To adapt to the needs of the market and increase chances for a successful future it is necessary to be creative. Exceptional solutions are worth a lot.

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