Information for freshmen

2 August 2016

  After finalizing the procedure, receiving decision on admittance please plan your journey to Warsaw.

  • Academic Year Inauguration

 22nd September 2016 (Thursday) at  10.00 in Adam Mickiewicz’s Aula in Auditorium Maximum (26/28 Krakowskie Przedmieście street, main campus) 

  • Obligatory workshops


Po polsku

In English

Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych UW

(ul. Długa 44/50)

Faculty of Economic Sciences

(44/50 Dluga street)


22 września 2016

Aula A

22nd September 2016

Aula A

Obsługa systemu USOS
(Uniwersytecki System Obsługi Studiów)

14.00 – 14.30 – nazwiska od A do N

14.30 – 15.00 – nazwiska od O do Ż

How to operate USOS

(University Study-Oriented System)?

15.00 – 15.30



23 września 2016

Aula A

23rd September 2016

Aula B


Spotkanie z Prodziekan ds. studenckich,

dr Katarzyna Kopczewska

Students Government WNE


Samorząd Studencki WNE

Meeting with the Vice Dean for Student Affairs,

dr Katarzyna Kopczewska


Szkolenie Biblioteczne

Academic Clinic

Students Government UW


Przychodnia akademicka

Samorząd Studencki UW

Library Training


Rejestracja na zajęcia

Course registration


Information on registration

Based on the University of Warsaw and the Faculty of Economic Sciences Studies Regulations all students are obliged to have academic e-mail address. Students need to create it using; students need to provide the address in the USOS system. It is recommended to be done starting 22nd September 2016

 General Academic Registration for foreign language courses provided through separate registration procedure in USOS (; the students are recommended to use the following link to search for the courses provided in English or Russian Please note that there is a schedule for registration, thus the student needs to meet the deadlines. Please also be reminded that it is necessary to pass a test leveling language competencies: Registration for OGUN and physical education starts at the end of 1st semester.

Students who have not registered for courses when the procedure was active, will not have the ECTS points accepted regardless the reason.

 Students need to register for basic and field-of-study courses on their own through USOSWeb WNE The detailed registration schedule will be announced on the Faculty’s website, the instructions on how to register will be provided during workshop organized at the Faculty (23th September 2016, from 6 pm).

 About two weeks after finalizing the procedure with the full application, the students system will be opened – in case of questions we recommend contacting the Students Office: Renata Dąbrowska $%Vw]j2oL~HsQU!huRvS-\WT]#[sf4ZPZ*c4`_k@7.^m[\4}eHA 22 55 49 164, (Finance and International Investment, Quantitative Finance), Izabela Barzycka $%Vw]j2oL~HsQU!huRvS-\W]#[jd4jXdp[*?@b3^u`~4[I6MD, 22 55 49 191 (International Economics)

Renata Dąbrowska $%Vw]j2oL~HsQU!huRvS-\WT]#[sf4ZPZ*c4`_k@7.^m[\4}eHA 22 55 49 164, (Finance and International Investment, Quantitative Finance), Izabela Barzycka $%Vw]j2oL~HsQU!huRvS-\W]#[jd4jXdp[*?@b3^u`~4[I6MD, 22 55 49 191 (International Economics)



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