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24 July 2015

Dear Candidates,

congratulations to all of the accepted candidates. We kindly inform that after delivering all documents necessary to finalize the admission procedure an official decision on admittance will be issued. Afterwards students system (USOS) will be opened for you (which will make booking a place in dormitory possible). For more information, e.g. individual bank account number, please contact Students Office. For undergraduate studies: }#&IvKpbByNjd\3!]r7%iGe+u]#[ki~#Z0`Z2e+%\Ks.SjDgN9nwb, for graduate studies: }#&IvKpbByNjd\3!]r7%iGe+]#[pje'i7hV*[ebSB@uU{wf_PVs

Please also read:

For candidates who have not yet delivered all documents: In case of questions on finalizing the procedure please contact Office of Admissions }#&IvKpbByNjd\3!]r7%iGe+]#[_jq/j?ZR-mebSB@uU{wf_PVs, +48 22 55 49 190 or 145). Delivering documents which finalizes the procedure influences next steps: issuing official decision on admittance, access to booking a place in dormitory, generating individual bank account number. 

Erasmus Student Network

What is ESN? Well, without diving into a lot of specifics, I just would like to show you a short video about Erasmus Student Network: 

University of Warsaw has their own section, ESN University of Warsaw, consisted of student, for students. For more details, check following website: 
And be sure to like our fanpage, to be sure to be up-to-date with our events:

Mentor/Buddy Program
Have you ever been to some new country and felt lost, lonely and wasn’t quite sure where to go or what to do?
With a mentor you will never feel like that in Poland, your buddy will try his (or her) best to make sure you feel at home! Your mentor will message you before your arrival to Warsaw, pick you up from the airport, show you the city and help you anytime you need it! It's not only a priceless help at the beginning but also a great opportunity to get to know interesting people, learn Polish and gain a friend, who will make your stay in Poland an unforgettable experience! So, if you're coming to the University of Warsaw fill the application form and we will find a buddy for you as soon as it’s possible!(Don't worry about the whole "winter edition 2015/16, You can obviously apply. In place for "Home University" just write "-"). Join the official event on Facebook:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on }#&IvKpbByNjd\3!]#[kkr=f=yX660^Se~l

VISA and residence permit
Your stay in Poland is legal on the basis of either of the two documents: visa or residence permit. The University does not assist students in visa/residence permit application process. The Faculty of Economic Sciences issues only the certificate of student’s status. Visa is granted by Polish Embassy/Consulate. Residence permits are granted by the Immigration Department (Mazowiecki Urząd Wojewodzki, Wydział Spraw Cudzoziemcow) at 5 Długa St.  For further information please visit the following website:

Rules of study
The rules determining the organization and course of studies, as well as the related rights and obligations of students of the University of Warsaw are defined in the RULES OF STUDY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW and in the PRINCIPLES OF STUDYING AT THE FACULTY OF ECONOMIC SCIENCES. Both of the documents are placed on our faculty website:

The academic year lasts from the October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016. The detailed course of events is described in the Academic Calendar:
The ceremony of matriculation is preliminary scheduled on September 23, at 10.00 in Auditorium Maximum at the Central Campus. For the detailed schedule of Inauguration and workshops for freshmen please visit:

Attention!  If you are interested in applying for dormitory please log into USOS and follow the instruction:
1.    choose the website:
2.    log in
3.    choose ‘student’s section’
4.    choose ‘applications’ (the second one)
5.    fill in the form concerning accommodation

The application should be accepted by you (the last stage in USOS), printed, signed (with your hand written signature), sent via e-mail (to: my e-mail and }#&IvKpbByNjd\3!]r7]#[qyx?[bRG+'DbmBrufc~) and to my office, room K4 (to the address given at the end of the letter). The decision about your accommodation will be made by Main Office for Students’ Affairs till 14th August and it will be visible in your USOS.

Registration for courses
1. Student is obliged to register for  courses in each semester in accordance with the program curriculum. The registration is carried out via USOS in the set dates. WNE will organize the USOS training for you.

2. Each foreigner is given by University so called “tokens”. They allow you to register for:
a. 180 h for lecture on Polish culture and tradition
b. 240 h for Polish language courses
If you are interested, please inform me and then in order to be enrolled in the groups you have to contact POLONICUM- the center of Polish language and culture
3. OGUN (general courses), Foreign Languages and Physical Education courses
These are obligatory courses (see curriculum: offered by other Faculties and units of the University of Warsaw.  Registration for them is held via the website of the University of Warsaw : Details:
During the first semester you are obliged to take 30 hours of OGUN courses, 30 hours of physical education and 60 hours of foreign language (it cannot be English). Follow the instruction and information listed at the above given link and make registration in the given terms.

Students’ email address
In the beginning WNE will be contact you via your private e-mail address. Then UW will give you university student address (with domain: To activate it you should follow the instructions given by IT administrative specialists. Each student is obliged to use it and every information sent to that address will be recognized as delivered.

Erasmus programe
If you are interested in students’ exchange please contact:  Coordinator of Erasmus Program: Mr. Grzegorz Kula Ph.D.,  Faculty of EconomicAdministrative responsible: Ms. Izabela Barzycka, Students’ Office, room M.

University of Warsaw does not cover medical insurance for international students. Responsibility and initiative for complying with insurance procedures rests entirely on students.
Non-Polish students may purchase health insurance from the National Health Fund (NFZ, the governmental medical services provider) for a reduced monthly flat rate of about PLN 47. If you choose it, you should contact Mazovian Department of National Health Fund (Mazowiecki Oddzial Wojewodzki NFZ), 8 Chalubinskiego Street in Warsaw.  Students from other EU States maintain the coverage of their home country health insurance and should arrange for a proper insurance proof (European Health Insurance Card) before arrival to Poland.
You may also sign a medical insurance contract in your home country prior to arrival or subscribe private healthcare in Poland. Inform yourself about the service range. Services you might expect to be free of charge may be provided for pay.

The Faculty: Dluga Street 44/50

Main Campus: Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street 26/28
Central Students' Office: Main Campus, Rector's Palace
University  Library (Biblioteka Głowna), 56/66 Dobra Street
University Sport Centre: 2a Banacha Street

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