Research at the Faculty of Economic Sciences

Research fields of interest at the Faculty of Economic Sciences

Scientific and development work conducted at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of University of Warsaw is an answer to the challenges of modern science and economy.

Research at the Faculty is based on academic activities of number of Research Groups, each of which has its own seminar series. Moreover individual researchers' interests often overlap the groups, and research interests overlap across Faculties, disciplines and sub-disciplines, across theory and empirical work.

Areas of research

In recent years, our scientists and students have conducted research within the following areas:

  1. Economics

    • Experimental Economics: dr hab. Mikolaj Czajkowski, prof UW; dr hab. Michał Krawczyk, dr hab. Karolina Safarzyńska
    • Environmental Economics: prof. dr hab. Tomasz Żylicz, dr hab. Mikołaj Czajkowski, prof UW; dr Marek Giergiczny, dr hab., prof. UW Anna Bartczak
    • Agricultural Economics: prof. dr hab. Jerzy Wilkin, dr Dominika Milczarek, dr hab. Jan Fałkowski
    • International Economics: prof. dr hab. Jan Jakub Michałek, prof. dr hab. Andrzej Cieślik, dr hab.  Stanisław Kubielas, prof. UW; dr Bartłomiej Rokicki
    • Labour Economics: dr hab. Urszula Sztandar-Sztanderska,  prof. UW; dr Gabriela Grotkowska, dr Stanisław Cichocki, dr Leszek Wincenciak, dr hab. Paweł Strawiński, dr Tomasz Gajderowicz
  2. Finance

    • International Finance: prof. dr hab. Janusz Kudła, dr hab. Ewa Aksman, Karol Strzeliński (doctoral student)
    • Quantitative Finance: dr Paweł Sakowski, dr Robert Ślepaczuk
    • Accounting: dr Anna Białek-Jaworska

  3. Society

    • Digital Society: dr Maciej Sobolewski
    • Public Sector: prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Opolski, dr Agata Kocia, dr hab. Jan Fałkowski, dr Krzysztof Szczygielski, dr Piotr Modzelewski
    • Society and Demographics: prof. dr hab. Zofia B. Liberda, dr hab. Marian Wisniewski, prof. UW; prof. dr hab. Marek Okólski, dr Małgorzata Kalbarczyk-Stęclik, dr Agnieszka Fihel, dr hab. Joanna Tyrowicz, dr Agata Górny, dr Grzegorz Kula
    • Income Distribution: dr hab. Michał Brzeziński, dr hab. Leszek Morawski

List of research projects

Oded Stark Award for Excellence in Publishing

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