Research and Publications Office

The staff

Monika Cedro
Degree: M.A.
Email: =]'WIe3EbTjK4u.O~mcg]#['Ah88UN9Q6sA+~n0tvTT
Telephone: (22) 55 49 188
Post: Senior Administrative Specialist
Office hours:

Monday - Friday
8:30 – 15:30
room B012 (new building,  ground floor)

Comments :
Ewa Kaźmierczak
Email: =]'WIe3EbTjK4u.O~mcgV^XQA1]#[zIdR3Os4FOL3Omw1-c[p8CNZ.x
Telephone: 22 55 49 139
Post: Specialist
Office hours:

Not available until 2020 year.
Monday-Friday, 8.30-15.30, room B012 (new building, ground floor)

Małgorzata Ciachowska-Parzych
Email: =]'WIe3EbTjK4u.O~mcgV^XQA]#['Al5&N}9V@Lb+dnXtelM7TaB*
Telephone: 22 5549139
Post: Senior Administrative Specialist
Office hours:

Monday-Friday, 9-16

Room B012, building B

Monika Pomianek
Email: =]'WIe3EbTjK4u.O~mcgV^X]#['NrE/G|%Nkb6t~~G-SH]_OE
Post: Senior Administrative Assistant
Office hours:

Monday-Fiday, 9-16

room B012, building B

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