Central European Economic Journal (CEEJ)

Central European Economic Journal (CEEJ) is a leading economic journal in the region of Central Europe, issued from the year 2001. CEEJ publishes papers that are devoted to general economics including: macroeconomics, open macroeconomics, microeconomics, quantitative methods and econometrics, finance and methodology of economics. The aim of CEEJ is to publish high-quality papers that are related to important issues of economic theory and practice. Our journal is addressed to international academic community but we especially invite economists from Central Europe to submit manuscripts and share the results of their research to include and discuss the regional issues within international economic context.


Central European Economic Journalis a peer-reviewed, open access journal. All articles undergo a double-blind peer review process. CEEJ does not charge for the publishing process nor for the approval of the text for publication. All papers are available in electronic version (eISSN 2543-6821), both at the CEEJ websiteand at Sciendo (DeGruyter) Open platform.


To learn more about CEEJ and submit your paper, visit the CEEJ website.

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