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Faculty Council Resolution of 22 May 2002

Faculty of Economic Sciences, as an independent unit of the University of Warsaw, affirms its commitment to basic goals and values specified in the Mission Statement of the University of Warsaw. In regard to the way in which the mission of our Alma Mater refers to the discipline represented by the Faculty of Economic Sciences, we define the following goals and values as our priorities of special importance:

  1. Unity of research and teaching is the foundation of the activities at the Faculty of Economic Sciences.
  2. Faculty of Economic Sciences declares openness towards diverse schools and methodologies in economic sciences and expects academics and students to respect ways of understanding the economy and approaches to solving economic problems which differ methodologically, yet exhibit scientific integrity.
  3. Faculty of Economic Sciences, as a public institution, promotes research into essential problems of the Polish economy, disseminates its outcomes, and participates in the public debate in conformity with high norms of competence and objectivity.
  4. Faculty of Economic Sciences aspires to be a leading institution of higher education in economics in Poland. The small scale of the Faculty, as compared to economic universities, stimulates us to prefer advanced study cycles such as second-cycle and doctoral degree programmes; or post-graduate certificates. High quality of instruction and high demands on academic performance guarantee high academic value of degrees awarded by the Faculty of Economic Sciences.
  5. Faculty of Economic Sciences considers it to be its fundamental duty to exert concern over the teaching content of the curricula and endeavours to counter the process of knowledge depreciation. The dynamics and unpredictability of economic changes in Poland and in the world demand fostering versatile skills and abilities. Thus curricula should be built on a thorough foundation of basic economic disciplines and of sciences which support economics. Specialist knowledge dedicated to particular applications depreciates at the fastest rate and should play an auxiliary role in education.
  6. Faculty of Economic Sciences recognises integrating economics into other University disciplines as a priority. Faculty of Economic Sciences supports and develops inter-faculty, multi-degree study programmes which offer access to rich intellectual heritage of the University to the students of economics, and enable students of the University to acquire economic knowledge.
  7. Faculty of Economic Sciences respects the need to maintain friendly relations and partnership between students and personnel. This is expressed in our care for student-instructor direct contact and for developing an efficient and transparent management system which helps students make reasonable choices of their fields of study and specialisations.
  8. As the Faculty of Economic Sciences educates elite of economists for both governmental and private sectors, we assume the mission of promoting and forming the civic attitudes and virtues of honesty, reliability, responsibility, and respect for principles.

The mission statement adopted by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Economic Sciences is binding for all personnel and students of the Faculty. It constitutes a framework for the operation of the Faculty and shapes the direction of its activities.

Policy Documents

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