Maintenance and Supply

Acting Manager

Krzysztofik Paweł
Degree: M.A.
Email: f6|qT27ieME3_0CN?*.AcFQ$O{]#[W|olN$2^U0#yv'.0Hz$JI%G/@h
Telephone: 22 55 49 161
Post: Acting Manager
Office hours:

Room B009.

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The staff

Mikołaj Pawlewski
Degree: M.A.
Email: f6|qT27ieME3_0CN?*.AcFQ$]#[T%^iAr/]Q3\#NpLD33n|YOBm
Telephone: 22 554 91 28
Post: Administrative Specialist
Office hours:

Room: B009.

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Władysław Adamkowski
Email: f6|qT27ieME3_0CN?*.AcFQ$O]#[^raSBx%aY5#NWy!W1|7}H8Zq8
Telephone: 22 334 91 26
Post: Custodian
Paulina Gmurek
Email: f6|qT27ieME3_0CN?*.Ac]#[WxjgGr}$]8%@U'L0zz7.P
Post: Maintenance Worker
Paweł Kaniuk
Email: f6|qT27ieME3_0CN?*.Ac]#[W|^`='}$]8%@U'L0zz7.P
Post: Maintenance Worker
Piotr Kulczyński
Email: f6|qT27ieME3_0CN?*.AcFQ$O]#[W|r^4-1XY5#NWy!W1|7}H8Zq8
Telephone: 22 55 49 134
Post: Building Inspector
Office hours:

dzień tygodnia: poniedziałek-piątek
pokój: U004
godziny: 9:00-17:00

Bożena Pasik
Email: f6|qT27ieME3_0CN?*.A]#[I%^e=xRaT/N&W9!/13y*
Post: Maintenance Worker
Marzena Romańska
Email: f6|qT27ieME3_0CN?*.AcFQ]#[T&l_2{#UGd9|E95FHjm3l3=
Post: Maintenance Worker
Lech Sinior
Email: f6|qT27ieME3_0CN?*.Ac]#[S*f`=|*$]8%@U'L0zz7.P
Telephone: 22 554 91 26
Post: Custodian

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