Dean's Office


Kąca Beata
Degree: M.A.
Email: {kpcwfi*B+!D-lmE^W]#[gMTE4^XjK|wMmQcNOD
Telephone: 22 55 49 174
Post: Manager
Office hours:

Monday-Friday, building A, room A406, 9 AM-4 PM

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The staff

Olimpia Markiewicz
Degree: Ph.D.
Email: {kpcwfi*B+!D-lmE^WU2uaY~0]#[kYRVcPO|'jz[![SNTO^rZWbow
Telephone: 22 55 49 166
Post: Senior Specialist
Office hours:

Monday-Friday, 9:00-16:00
pokój: 166 

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“Co-design of novel contract models for innovative agri-environmentalclimate measures and valorisation of environmental public goods”,  Contracts 2.0,

Piotr Mandera
Degree: M.A.
Email: {kpcwfi*B+!D-lmE^WU2ua]#[lYRR\L\fY~n$6beND8K?fN
Telephone: 22 55 49 135
Post: Specialist
Office hours:

Administration and support for PhD students and postgraduate students from 10am to 3pm.

Work in a hybrid stationary-remote system.

On March 8-9 2021, remote work - contact only by e-mail.

Comments :
  • The basic form of communication is correspondence via e-mail addresses: personal and directional.
  • Duty hours for students (e.g. receipt of documents, diploma, etc.) in justified circumstances, after making an appointment.
  • Please leave physical / paper correspondence at the reception desk of the faculty ("Postgraduate Studies" drawer) or send it by post to the faculty address with the note "Postgraduate Studies" [name of the major] "" or "Piotr Mandera".
  • I send diplomas, certificates and invoices by e-mail in the form of a scan (please take into account possible delays in execution), leave for collection at the departmental gatehouse or send by traditional mail (to be agreed).

NOTE: I only deal with doctoral and postgraduate studies at the faculty. Messages regarding BA and MA studies (including in English and under student exchange programs) should be sent to the Students' Office.

The management of the "Economics and Finance" doctoral program (including recruitment) is provided by the office of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences, excluding its elements organized at the faculty (WNE seminar, didactic internships, etc.).

Ewa Stachowska
Email: {kpcwfi*B+!D-lmE^WU2uaY~]#[o`RG`Vax*h@8vRv7V`7qkjJk
Telephone: 22 55 49 144
Post: Administrative Specialist
Office hours:

Monday-Friday, 9 am-4pm

building A, room A408

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