Dean's Office


Kąca Beata
Degree: M.A.
Email: g?W9Gbe_z}vDXhAUEM]#[Sw7u^ZTE&snM=M3^26
Telephone: 22 55 49 174
Post: Manager
Office hours:

Monday-Friday, building A, room A406, 9 AM-4 PM

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The staff

Piotr Mandera
Email: g?W9Gbe_z}vDXhAUEM-OVq]#[X&5''HXA7ue$a^5^%.}XG^
Telephone: 22 55 49 135
Post: Specialist
Office hours:

Dear Students,

Please be informed that according to current situation, the Student Office will be closed from March 09, 2020 until further notice.
Your questions, requests and applications will be considered by email only.

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Contact only by e-mail.

Postgraduate and doctoral studies

Ewa Stachowska
Email: g?W9Gbe_z}vDXhAUEM-OVqp%]#[[05w+R]Sf_38GNJK9Vm0Lzan
Telephone: 22 55 49 144
Post: Administrative Specialist
Office hours:

Monday-Friday, 9 am-4pm

building A, room A408

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