Chair of Development Economics


  • Productivity in long term and allocation of talents
  • Life cycle saving of subsequent generations
  • Macroeconomic savings
  • Entrepreneurship and innovativeness of individuals
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Strategies of transnational corporations
  • Labour market inequalities
  • Regulations of labour markets
  • Public policies and reforms of pension systems
  • Economics of culture
  • Digital markets

Head of the Chair

Liberda Zofia Barbara
Degree: Prof.
Email: Xy'g%B|rT\!nwjI_M$i+74GUK]#[7[uJc1^{AFbTjO%vCxrlv*PF4
Post: Head of the Chair Professor
Office hours:

Office hours: Thursday at 18.00. Please, contact me by email in advance.


Comments :

The staff

Karolina Goraus-Tańska
Degree: Ph.D.
Email: Xy'g%B|rT\!nwjI_M$i+7]#[DarZc4p/LKewmbRE.vrw~
Post: Assistant Professor
Office hours:

Tuesday, 17:30-18:30, room D

Comments :

Please send me an e-mail in advance if you would like to meet during the office hours.

Radosław Wolniak
Degree: Ph.D.
Email: Xy'g%B|rT\!nwjI_M$i+7]#[PioVkzh/LKewmbRE.vrw~
Post: Senior Lecturer
Office hours:

Friday, room B012, 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.



Comments :

Meeting during office hours upon previous appointment via e-mail.

Ph.D. Student

Peter Szewczyk
Degree: M.A.
Email: Xy'g%B|rT\!nwjI_M$i+74G]#[Im}My|wl@sw]]s?WVfN|D!0
Post: Ph.D. Student

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