Admission procedure for WNE UW undergraduate studies alumni

Students defending their thesis in July or September are kindly invited to participate in the 2nd round of admission procedure for studies provided in English.

NOTE: Students applying for studies provided in English who plan to defend their thesis in September will have a place booked in the 2nd round till 20th September based on documents delivered between 25-27th July. The admission procedure will be finalized for them based on required documents delivered in September after defense.   


1. What should you do till 12th July:

  • register online (, enter personal data and information about education into the IRK system (use random diploma number if necessary), choose the field of study.
  • remit the application fee to relevant bank account number specified in the IRK System (the account number varies depending on the currency in which the payment is made - PLN, EUR or USD, for details see "Payments") or pay via DotPay.
  • upload required documents. The files should be uploaded into IRK system (Personal information>Documents). Crucial documents: letter of motivation, 2 letters of recommendation, transcript of records.

2. After the announcement of preliminary decisions on acceptance, on 24th July, students should submit documents mentioned below:

  • IRK Application Forms with signature generated from the IRK system (the first page of a pdf file is an application with personal data, second is a confirmation that the candidate has read the agreement). If you do not wish to request for a new student ID, please do not upload the photo into the system. Please remember to fill out the data about the diploma into the system before generating the pdf file.
  • One colour photograph (paper),
  • Request for transferring the students ID card (refers to those candidates who do not wish to request for a new students ID)
  • Statement about delivering missing documents with a delay
  • Copy of the data page of the passport (the hard copy needs to be shown in order for the copy to be certified)
  • Agreement on studying regulations (two language versions in two copies signed by the candidate during submitting documents)
  • General health certificate (for candidates from outside EU)
  • Confirmation of graduation – Students Office will deliver the confirmation directly to the Office of Admissions and Communication.

Submitting documents by a third party:  If you wish to authorize someone for submitting documents, you need to fill out the form  and give it to the authorized person. Please remember that application forms should be signed by you, as well as the agreement (please contact us to obtain the forms earlier: +]O8G6n#}L^5\dFD~_@v=1'x]#[yC7#9#Pih*u-KJO6vh|[0=se - we will send you the agreement via e-mail). Please also remember to give a certified copy of your passport to the third party.

In case of any question please feel free to contact us: +]O8G6n#}L^5\dFD~_@v=1'x]#[yC7#9#Pih*u-KJO6vh|[0=se, 22 55 49 145, 22 55 49 190

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